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sandrasilvers: 1995 Sandra Silvers, Salena Ke…


1995 Sandra Silvers, Salena Kent, Ruth Cassidy

9:53 video

January 11, 2018
Mummified MILF and Lesbian Lover made to Orgasm Over and Over by Redhead Mistress
Sandra and Salena are completely bare under their clear plastic wrap cocoons. Lying on the red shag rug by the fireplace in their London flat they are very frustrated. we can see that between their thighs wrapped up inside the plastic and  pressing against their clits and vaginas, are two vibrating wands. But the devices are annoyingly still. They are not plugged in. The girls struggle in frustration because they are eager for the delights to come, but seem so very ar away. But ruth is merciful.  She has come to deliver nirvana to them, but not before she gags each of the gals with an aggressively large ballgag.  Sandra and Salena melt into pleasure as Ruth activates the wands…  But how will they tell her to stop?

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WrappedUpTight 99 – Angel Dark and Nikki Nefarious



“The spider” was a serial home invader that wrapped single women up in saran wrap to immobilize them, before snapping photos to upload to his webpage.



evie-lupine:restrained, blinded, and lost in t…


restrained, blinded, and lost in the woods. 

It would be the best day of my life if i found a beautiful girl in plastic wrap in the wood. i would tampted to use her for my pleasure 😉

gagthegirl: Sleeping Beauty Cling Wrapped In U…


Sleeping Beauty Cling Wrapped In Underwear @ SELFGAGS.COM

That would be a dream to do this :D

That would be a dream to do this 😀



Mummified for the first time, Raven quickly discovered black vinyl tape plays for keeps #bondage #mummification #vinyl #strict

breathplayissexy:I’m living alone in a big app…


I’m living alone in a big appartment, but i have not the time to clean it up every day. Of course i have a maid for it. She named Alexa and she is very beautiful.
I never had any intentions towards her. But i must admin that i like it to watch her doing
sweeping or mopping in her sexy dress.
Days passed, she was coming to work late and was dressing sexily with

a new short maid dress. This was the day when i became sexual drive to her and i had a plan how to get her as my slave maid. I give her a new
contract on the next evening tahat allow me to do everything with her. She is a little bit confused about it, but she is agree with it and smiles. “I want to do everything for you, Sir!”, she said with a smile on her face. Of course she must say this. She has no other job and i give her good money. This evening i show her my

cellar. It was very untidy. I order her to clean it up and she say”Yes, Sir!”. I watch her closely and feel my erection. After she did her job and go to her and push her to the pillar. My hands was tight around her neck and i look into her eyes. “Alexa i must confess you that i love it to see you in your new dress. I cann’t stop thinking about you. I want you as my maid…more than yet. I want you as my slave maid!” I can see how she blushed. She says with a submissive sound in her voice:”Yes, Sir. I belong to you, Sir.” Now it is the time to test her to be a good girl. I show her a plastic wrap, a plastic bag and a collar. I say her that i want to wrap her up and take her breath. I saw that she is a little bit afraid, but she doesn’t fight against it. I begin to wrap her beautiful body in plastic until her shoulders. Than i put the plastic bag over her head and secure it with the collar. What a fantastic view. I dreamed to do that with her last evening, but it is much better in real. I allow her to beg me for air. I do this the whole evening and every times Alexa doesn’t fight. Now she is my slave maid.

Very nice set. I love the combination between mummification and breathplay. And of course i love maids…everybody loves them 😛