buckeyebound75: Emily looked down at the blonde and said, so…


Emily looked down at the blonde and said, so your the one who my husband has been cheating on me with. With her mouth now stuffed and taped shut with duct tape, all Sonia could do was let off some muffled pleas as she sat taped to the chair and secured in a strait jacket. Well I can tell you no one else is going to come looking for you tramp, said Emily, but I will show just a modicum of good will. Emily held the scissors in front of Sonia and said, I bet you would like to have these to cut the tape binding you to the chair and binding your feet. So I am going to put them on this table over here and if you can reach them, you are welcome to use them to cut yourself free. If not, then I guess you’ll be stuck like this forever. Emily put the scissors on the table and said before leaving, if you do get free, then run like hell and don’t ever come back to town or my husband ever again. Once Emily left, Sonia realized she had a bigger issue to deal with. With her hands taped into fists with duct tape, there was no way she could grab the scissors nor with the tape over her lips could she use her mouth nor her feet either. As she let off a frustrated muffled scream, Sonia began to realize she might be stuck here permanently.